Chyrika · worker

To control bees and mites, Chyrika · worker (Tiberi Mushrooms) (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Registry No. 22531) Characteristics of Chirika · worker Biological pesticide is the state-of-the-art technology of modern agriculture! Impact on the environment and against human animals. No worries about toxicity! Easy release and less effort! By using early in the [...]

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BioBee: Pest insects

Seaway bumblebee is designated as a specific alien creature. We will only sell to customers with permission of the Ministry of the Environment. Features of Pyuupyun Maru Produced from Israel advanced agriculture countries! Exporting to dozens of countries worldwide. He grew up in a climate condition with great temperature difference and is a hard worker. [...]

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Paskal: Vegetable accessories

Paskal is a manufacturer of vegetable accessories such as tomatoes. Small accessories will help you with great harvest. Paskal vegetable accessories Roller hook Ideal for hanging tomatoes. I will stand straight without standing up. The length of the string can be easily adjusted. Reel 25 to 34 m volume. Tomato clip # 550KC Fix the [...]

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GINEGAR: Film sheet

Ginegar is a manufacturer of greenhouse vinyl film for agriculture, multifilm for outdoor agriculture. It is Israel's largest agricultural developer. Usage of Ginegar Film Sheet Cover sheet for greenhouse growing agriculture Outdoor cultivation, low tunnel type cultivation and multifilm for perennial fruit harvesting Barrier film to prevent soil fumigation leakage due to harmful substances Thick [...]

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Metzerplas: Pipeline

Metzerplas is a micro irrigation product and pipeline manufacturer. We design and produce SP pipe for piping construction of cold water and hot water, PE pipe for hydraulic base and communication. Metzerplas made dripper: versatile lineup ADI Strong cylinder type. It can be used in sewage environments with hydraulic stability structure. VERED A dripper that [...]

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MAPAL: Bench type cultivation kit

MAPAL is a container equipment manufacturer that can cultivate agricultural crops without wide soil. The company's bench type cultivation kit can be used for many agricultural crops such as vegetables, roses, cut flowers, herbs and strawberries. Features of MAPAL BENCH type cultivation kit UV protection Anti-spray fungicide Drag against acids and chemicals Size free Suitable [...]

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Odis: Filter system

Odis has developed a wastewater treatment system, irrigation water, filter development, It is the world's leading manufacturer in designing and manufacturing. The company 's products are manufactured under strict quality control standards of ISO 9001. Odis irrigation equipment Hydraulic separation sand separator Gravel sand filter Manual suction screen filter Manual and automatic Brush filter Disk [...]

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Polygal hollow polycarbonate

Polygal panels are new greenhouse panels that create an optimum environment for crops grown in agricultural greenhouses and gardens. While maintaining the quality of the crop, it realizes cost reduction. Application Agricultural greenhouses · gardens etc. Here is the point! Keep room temperature in winter or summer Keep room temperature constant with excellent heat retention [...]

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