Metzerplas is a micro irrigation product and pipeline manufacturer. We design and produce SP pipe for piping construction of cold water and hot water, PE pipe for hydraulic base and communication.

Metzerplas made dripper: versatile lineup


Strong cylinder type.
It can be used in sewage environments with hydraulic stability structure.


A dripper that withstands long-term use in adverse conditions.
It is possible from wall thickness 0.3 mm.


Lightweight, flat standard dripper


Backflow prevention function.
Water saving by prevention of water leak after closing.
Usable in the ground.


A dripper that keeps constant water pressure over a wide range.

Metzerplas Company

Founded in 1970. It is a manufacturer of micro irrigation products and pipelines. SP pipes for cold water and hot water piping construction We design and produce the hydraulic base and PE pipes for communication.
We are developing an epoch – making filter that filters poor quality water with a PC system (pressure reduction type) technology with a wide filtered water inlet.

We have offered thousands of irrigation systems throughout the world. The company’s project department is an expert that provides solutions on a turnkey basis regardless of greenhouses and outdoor farms.
In 2000, we acquired quality control standard ISO 9001.
Quality control is thorough in both product and service.