Ginegar is a manufacturer of greenhouse vinyl film for agriculture, multifilm for outdoor agriculture. It is Israel’s largest agricultural developer.

Usage of Ginegar Film Sheet

  • Cover sheet for greenhouse growing agriculture
  • Outdoor cultivation, low tunnel type cultivation and multifilm for perennial fruit harvesting
  • Barrier film to prevent soil fumigation leakage due to harmful substances
  • Thick HDPE film for pond and reservoir
  • Business bag for chemical fertilizer

Features of Ginegar greenhouse cultivation film sheet

  • Antiviral
  • Anti-dying
  • IR (temperature countermeasure)
  • Misty fog, cloudy
  • Dust dust
  • UV removal
  • UV lighting
  • Light reduction
  • Lightning diffusion

Ginegar 1 – 5 Layers Film Sheet

Multi-film sheet

For soil protection and infection prevention.
Increase soil temperature,
We protect crops from pests and weeds.

Liner Film Sheet

For sealing made with HDPE, PP, LDPE
And spray liner for soil research
Film sheet.
It is less than 1.5 mm in thickness and 6.5 m in width.

Fumigation disinfectant sheet

Harmful soil fumigant such as methyl bromide
5-layer barrier to prevent leakage
Film sheet.
It is an impermeable film with a thickness of 35 microns.
We prepare each color.

Ginegar Company

Founded in 1969. Agricultural greenhouse vinyl film, manufacturer of outdoor agricultural root covering film. It is Israel’s largest agricultural developer.

Guinega combines its own plastic technology and agricultural expertise to flexibly respond to user needs of the world.
The product development team has cultivated agricultural science and plastic technology over the past few decades.
Giniger’s proprietary agricultural polyethylene film has a maximum width of 12 meters.
We continue to produce film sheets that can add various options according to customer’s request.

Main products: Polyurethane and related products LDPE, HDPE, EVA, LLDPA, etc.