MAPAL is a container equipment manufacturer that can cultivate agricultural crops without wide soil. The company’s bench type cultivation kit can be used for many agricultural crops such as vegetables, roses, cut flowers, herbs and strawberries.

Features of MAPAL BENCH type cultivation kit

  • UV protection
  • Anti-spray fungicide
  • Drag against acids and chemicals
  • Size free
  • Suitable for every foundation
  • Applicable to any drainage system
  • Easy to assemble!
  • 5 year warranty

Hint of Mapal Bench Type Cultivation Kid Crop Cultivation


The roots spread any number, and it will not be rooted only in specific places.
Look for places with water everywhere in the container and suck up the water.


Just applying a simple waterdrop line is enough.
No expensive drip system is required.

Indoor environment adjustment

Proper ventilation, temperature control, circulation of humidity is required.


Easy disinfection! The harvested soil is easily settled in pieces.

Example of MAPAL benches cultivation kid products


Founded in 1985. Agriculture and other wide industrial packaging, we produce polypropylene sheet and its roll for printing solar panel.

The company’s Agricultural Division is established to respond to agricultural needs that do not require soil. We cultivated herbs, cut flowers, vegetables and strawberries and steadily developed and developed its expertise.
We also develop related systems and equipment as experts for recycling drainage.

The technology developed in this way is used in countries all over the world including Mexico, India, Russia, Spain, Eastern Europe South Africa Kenya, France, Australia, Turkey, etc. At the same time, it provides a turnkey based solution.