Odis has developed a wastewater treatment system, irrigation water, filter development,
It is the world’s leading manufacturer in designing and manufacturing.
The company ‘s products are manufactured under strict quality control standards of ISO 9001.

Odis irrigation equipment

Hydraulic separation sand separator

Gravel sand filter

Manual suction screen filter

Manual and automatic Brush filter

Disk filter

Compact automatic screen filter

Manual and automatic brush filter

Automatic cleaning filter trouble free design

Odis Corporation

Founded in 1976. It is the world’s leading manufacturer of filter and filter system for manual and automatic turbid water treatment. We are exporting our products to USA, Japan, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Australia etc.

Odis Research and Development Team

We are developing and improving filters at research and development stations with the world’s most advanced equipment. The Odis R & D team will take technical consultation from customers around the world and will assist you with technical issues.