From large construction project to home interior.
100% genuine polycarbonate panel loved all over the world including Italian architects.


  • Interior: Partition · Blindfold · Fixtures · Furniture etc.
  • Exterior: Construction site, warehouse enclosure etc.

Main Specifications

  • Coextruded polycarbonate
  • Honeycomb like modular panel
  • Complete water seal by “tongue-and-groove” type joint
  • Ultraviolet cutting process on the outer side
  • Print processing available

Here is the point!

Print processing

By using original printing technology, it is possible to print photos and other various images in full color on the panel!

Easy to assemble and disassemble!

By using special panel fitting system, it is possible to assemble and disassemble in a short time!

Easy to process

Various processing such as bending and various deformation cutting, easy to adapt to space.

To prevent falling and scattering of glass etc

Avoid falling or scattering due to cracks etc. by using it on the inside of a glass exterior material.

Blindfold effect

Transmits light and also shows blindfold effect.