ODIS Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of turbid water treatment systems. Our products offer optimal solutions from public facilities to various industrial sites. These solution services are used worldwide from drinking water to wastewater treatment.

Odis Corporation Company Outline and Project Results

Company profile

Based on over 30 years of water treatment plan (WTP) design, manufacture and installation experience, we offer a system that can use groundwater and surface water safely as quality water that meets customer’s needs with peace of mind I will. In addition, considering the environment and cost, we will always negotiate research and development so that we can provide solutions that are optimal for every project. Our solution service created in this way is used in public facilities and industrial facilities around the world.

  • Established: 1980
  • Number of employees: 250
  • President and Representative Director: Eli Meir
  • Head Office: Israel
  • URL www.odis.co.il/

Project achievement

  • Immediate start type industrial water treatment plant · Project

    Subject: Chilean food industry
    Contents: 2,400 M 3 / day industrial water treatment plant.
  • Immediate start salt water desalination plant · Project

    Subject: Water supply agencies of the Mexican government
    Contents: Salt water desalination plant of 20,000 M 3 / day.
  • Construction of mobile small desalination plant · Project

    Subject: UN peacekeeping operations
    Description: Supply of 100 small desalination plants of moving type.
  • Water treatment plant construction project

    Subject: World Bank Project
    Description: Shimizu is supplied to 700 villages in rural areas of Romania.
  • Provide mobile compact desalination plant

    Subject: World Bank Project
    Contents: For local villages away from urban areas in Uzbekistan
    Provides a mobile compact desalination plant.
  • Large scale wastewater recycling · Center construction

    Subject: Australia, New South Wales Municipal Wastewater Treatment
    Contents: Using multimedia filtration method and filter technology,
    We recycle municipal wastewater and wastewater to generate safe irrigation water.
  • Construction of a drinking water treatment plant

    Subject: All over Ireland
    Contents: Construction of more than 20 drinking water treatment plants throughout Ireland.
  • Construction of a drinking water treatment plant

    Target: UNICEF Project (Japanese Government Development Support Project)
    Contents: Two drinking water facilities in Israel and the Gaza Strip.
    Two instantaneously activated reverse osmosis (RO) salt water desalination equipment.
    Flow rate 1200 m 3 / day.