ODIS Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of turbid water treatment systems. Our products offer optimal solutions from public facilities to various industrial sites. These solution services are used worldwide from drinking water to wastewater treatment.

Corresponding solution

  • Drinking water, industrial water, research and development.
  • Public facilities and industrial wastewater, wastewater treatment and recycling.

Odis: Technology

  • Membrane technology (reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, microfiltration)
  • Deepbed
  • Multimedia filtration
    • Activated carbon adsorption
    • Precipitation and coagulation
    • MBR Bioreactor
    • Oxidation
  • Separation
    • Disinfection
    • Ion exchange

Odis: Example of using filter system

  • Modular type drinking water treatment plant that provides drinking water from rivers, lakes, wells, etc.
  • Supply drinking water from reverse osmosis (RO) equipment from sea, river, lake, well, etc.
  • Modular type drinking water treatment plant.
    • Light pure equipment equipped with water bottling equipment.
    • Third Wastewater Treatment Equipment
    • Public facilities · industrial wastewater treatment plants

Here is the point!

  • Provide water treatment system and solution to meet all needs.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Easy to use.
  • High cost performance is realized.