Water Quality

Ultimate Water Reforming Technology
born out of the Nature of Japan

Green product

✓add nothing to water
✓deduct anything from water

Self purification

Solution for
✓red rust

Human friendly

✓Easy to install
✓Maintenance free
✓Cost reduction

 ・Oxide Layer Method
 ・Antibacterial Effectiveness
 ・Countermeasure against Scale
 ・Sewer BOD* and Sludge  
 ・Enhancing Cleansing Power
 ・Longer Life for Ion Exchange 
 ・Enhanced Anti Oxidative Power

Life Activating Power

Cut flowers live longer.  Animals and plants grow faster.

Antifungal Power

Effective microorganisms or favorable bacteria are activated to contain the growth of common bacteria, coliform, O157 or Legionella bacteria.

Antioxidant Power

Power is enhanced to remove active oxygen which causes aging and disease.

Cleansing Power

Cleansing power is strengthened from micro dust in manufacturing

precision parts to washing clothes at home.

Environment Cleanup Power

Even wastewater contains good amount of gases, activating aerobic bacteria

 Q Chemical solution?
 Q Need the construction?
 Q Cost for the maintenance?

 The BIOWATER can solve them ALL.

Water reforming device, THE BIOWATER was developed recreating nature of Japan rich in water resources. Water from the  rain soaking through the earth touches mineral crystals. Purified water gets back to the surface of the earth.

The whole process  is now recreated by a fantastic device. This device contains a special ceramic fan made of heated artificial mineral crystals.
We use no filter. We add nothing to water. Nor do we deduct anything from water. We are simply recreating nature’ s wisdom. Once  tap water passes this device, water’ s character is modified to become natural water like “Iwashimizu” or “fresh and clear water  trickling out of rocks.” Installation is a very simple procedure – just to set it directly to your water supply pipe. Water pressure  propels the ceramic fans inside the device, requiring no electricity, saving the maintenance costs.

The nature' s mechanism of  Japan has blessed us with an ultimate water reforming technology, something we can pride ourselves on to our next generation.

JapanWaterWorksAssociation (JWWA) authentication NumberZ-92

Mountable diameter of pipes ranges from 40mm to 125mm. Diameter size comes from 190mm to 250mm and length is from 580mm to 1,100mm. Weight is from 10kg to 30kg. For more details, please refer to the specification sheet. Purchased material of SUS304 is common to all types.


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